Pixel Adaptive Charging only works if the alarm is set during these hours

The Dec Drop feature It introduced three smart features to improve Pixel usage better. Adaptive charging, which charges the Pixel slowly overnight to keep the battery healthy, is the most important, but there are basic requirements to its operation.

Adaptive charging helps maintain battery health over time by dynamically controlling the speed of charging a Pixel device. Simply plug in your phone at night and set an alarm and adaptive charging will do its magic.

This feature steadily charges your phone over several hours instead of working as fast as it can reach 100%. Since the device will not be used for a long time, there is little concern that users will be bothered about how long it takes to fully charge.

Adaptive Charging, available on Pixel 4 / XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5, will help extend battery life so that it can better preserve original capacity during the life of this device.

It can be enabled / disabled manually from Settings> Battery> Adaptive Battery> Adaptive Charging, while Google will notice when it’s active at the bottom of the Ambient / Always-on Display. As described by Google, all users need is (1) charge at night and (2) get an alarm.

a Google support document It provides details regarding both points. Specifically, your phone should start charging after 9 PM, while the alarm should be set between 5-10 AM

Important: When you charge your phone after 9 PM, with the active alarm set to 5-10 AM, your phone uses adaptive charging. Otherwise, your phone charges normally.

This should conform to most people’s schedules, but there are always intermittent situations, such as those that work at night and sleep during the day. Meanwhile, they are also obstacles for those who either wake up very early or go without warning on the weekends.

As such, Google setting certain hours is harmful. For comparison, Apple’s enhanced battery charging is generally powered by prediction When the “iOS device will be connected to a charger for a long time”.

In theory, Google explicitly understands that your alarm clock should allow the feature to run at any time, not just at night. We hope Google will expand the Adaptive Charging feature to work with the schedule of more Pixel owners in the future.

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